How to Launch an Idea to Change the World in 30 Days with John Williams

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Apr 20
Interview with John Williams

I’ve had the kind of widely varied career that would give a recruiter nightmares – working in multiple industries and fields in varying formats. I’ve been an employee, a freelancer, a consultant on contract and I am now the founder and director of The Ideas Lab”. - John Williams

John Williams Screw Work

What could you achieve in 30 days? More than you think. John Williams @johnsw, Author of Screw Work Break Free tells how

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In this episode:

  • John explains how he could never pick one category or box in terms of his career. He knew he wanted a varied career. He explains how he worked for Disney animations for a period.

  • John had a turning point where he decided he never wanted a job again. 14 years he has been self employed and celebrates it every year.

  • John explains what a ‘Scanner’ is (it’s not what you think). He then created an event where scanners could meet which started off as a group of just 6 and quickly grew to over 80 people.

  • John had been approached by Pearson’s publishing where he published his first book ‘Screw Work Let’s Play’. Which has gone on to be a best seller in UK and has been translated to over 9 languages.

  • John explains what ‘play’ means to him.

  • Play is always a choice it is something you really want and it changes day to day.

  • John offers insight into what play is for children.

  • What is the 30 day challenge?

  • 90% of people waste time in the startup phase of their business

  • In the program it shows how you can go straight from an idea to a client

  • John explains what ‘The Idea Age’ is and how you can make the most of it

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