Laurence Tham From Drive Your Practice on Business and Breathing

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Aug 16
Laurence Tham - Interview

Even health experts need help learning to breathe for maximum performance. We recorded this episode with Laurence Tham right after we’d led a group of his clients, all professional chiropractors, through a facilitated breathing experience.

Through his business, Drive Your Practice, Laurence supports chiropractors to ‘adjust, align, and amplify’ themselves with their businesses and their business with their customers.

Even if you aren’t a chiropractor yourself, much of what Laurence has to say will resonate with you, especially if you are in business for yourself. He covers some principles that are pretty universal.

Episode highlights

  • Why he ‘forces’ his clients to travel to retreats he holds around the world each year
  • How breathing can help chiropractors in their practice, and life in general
  • Why he left his successful practice and never returned
  • How he is able to ‘touch’ people today now that he doesn’t have a practice
  • How podcasts became a gateway to grow his community
  • Why he does minimal advertising and marketing
  • Why he chooses to be optimistic about the future for his children
  • The different experiences his clients had from the breathing session
  • How time stood still for him while he was in the breathing session himself
  • Why he’s excited about a regular 3 minute breathing practice
  • Why he thinks breath work is ‘awesome’

Laurence Tham From Drive Your Practice on Business and Breathing. Learn why chiropractors have the same business problems as the rest of us.

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