Making Interview Connections With Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn

Making Interview Connections With Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn EOA

On today’s episode, Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn share insight on the podcasting world. Jessica started the world’s first podcast booking agency in 2013. Jessica was motivated to start a home-based business. Since starting, the business has grown from a virtual business to a full brick and mortar operation. Jessica started as virtual assistant booking people on podcasts. 

Making Interview Connections With Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn EOA

She soon realised booking was in high demand and she enjoyed that aspect most. Her business coach, her dad, taught her how to scale and create a brand and business around a service.

Jessica then created a team of virtual guest bookers. Two years ago, Margy joined as a booker. She then became the first full time employee. Now she is partial owner in the business. In this episode, learn more about Jessica and Margy’s business journey, why Jessica flipped the business model and Margy’s journey from first employee to partial owner. Jessica and Margy speak about podcasts in general, business building and how to leverage clients.

In this episode: 

  • What is Interview Connections? 
  • How did it start?
  • Timing is everything in business
  • Advantage of using a booking service
  • What a podcast interview booking agent does
  • What a One Sheet is and what is included on it
  • Shifting the mindsets of clients, breaking through the confidence barrier and putting yourself out there
  • Range of subjects guests cover
  • Success stories
  • Margy’s transition to partnership
  • Strategy calls
  • Womensplaining

Making Interview Connections With @JessRhodesBiz and @MargyFeldhuhn

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We are proud to celebrate this episode by making the following contribution of 5 days of bookkeeping skills training to women in need in Africa through our partnership with B1G1.

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