Meeting Intensity With Innergy: Breathe Your Way To Inner Calm

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Oct 04
Meeting Intensity With Innergy Breathe Your Way To Inner Calm Breathe Me

What do you do when the outside world is super intense and demanding? And how do you calm your own internal voice so you can actually stop and rest?

Let’s talk about meeting intensity with innergy… in other words, your inner energy. Okay, yes, we made up a word.

But innergy is more than just a cool word we made up. It’s a way to think and breathe that helps you move from a state of intensity to a state of inner calm. And for us, this realisation of the importance of innergy all started with a recent holiday somewhere quiet...

Episode highlights

  • What is innergy?

  • Intensity and pressures we face in the outside world

  • Why Angie used to hate meditating

  • The benefits of making space for stillness and quiet

  • How you can go inward to move from a state of intensity to inner calm

  • Having permission to do nothing

When you finally get a moment out in nature, away from the noise, it’s funny how you suddenly realise that there’s a whole inner world of noise going on too. #habits #mentalhealth #stress #mindfulness

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