Mindset, Mastermind and Mentoring with Jeremy Streten

Mindset, Mastermind and Mentoring with Jeremy Streten Interview

This episode was first published on the Business Brain Food website here.

This week we speak to a man who made that all-important step from being an expert in his field to being a successful businessman.

As Ben joked in the episode, Jeremy Streten is one of the few lawyers that he actually likes! As well as being likeable, Jeremy has written a book that pioneers the groundbreaking methodology, ‘The Business Legal Lifecycle’. Jeremy also hosts his own podcast, so he certainly knows how to get his message across. Listen up!

See some of Jeremy’s top tips below:

** You might be an expert in your field like Jeremy, but do you really know how to run a business? Get that business coaching!!

** Set your goals and don’t be afraid to be ambitious. Jeremy’s goal was to make legal advice accessible to SMEs around the WORLD!

** Write down your goals and review them, ideally with members of a peer group or with a mentor.

** Be honest and transparent with your senior members of staff. This is a surefire way to make sure you have people around you who share your vision.

** Surround yourself with good people who are as ambitious as you are. The shared energy can really make things happen.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** How to step away from the madness of day-to-day business

** The power of business coaching

** The benefits of being a published author

** How Jeremy found the right people

** The importance of failure

** Why you need to get your onboarding right

Resources mentioned in this episode:

**  Do you think you have what it takes to become a Business Excelerator™ at Max My Profit?  

 **  Go to Jeremy’s website for a special offer for BBF listeners: a free copy of a chapter of his book + a 50% discount on Jeremy’s pioneering Placement Test.