Myers-Briggs In Depth: Revealing Your Inner Introvert And Extrovert

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Mar 08
Myers-Briggs In Depth: Revealing Your Inner Introvert And Extrovert EOA Social

When we do our Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops with people, we’re often asked how team members can be the same type but be so different in so many areas, and vice versa.

Not everything can be explained using the Myers-Briggs framework, but the answer is: they may have a different MBTI Step II result. There’s a lot of depth to the MBTI and that’s what we love about it.

A lot of our people in our community have done Myers-Briggs Step I so we’re going to look at taking it to the next level and look at Step II so you can better understand the depth and breadth of your personality as well as your team members’ personalities. 

In this episode: 

  • A basic understanding of what the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II can reveal
  • Knowing the real you - learning more about yourself
  • Using Step II for personal and professional development
  • Introversion vs extraversion in different areas of our personalities
  • The way we connect with others
  • How open we are to communicating feelings and thoughts
  • Understanding the breadth and depth of our relationships
  • The ways we communicate, socialise and learn
  • Levels and kind of energy we have for different personalities
  • Free template for people leaders

We recommend any team or individual that’s undergoing coaching to do their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II with a qualified practitioner. It’s a good idea to think whether your team members are introverts or extroverts #PeopleLeaders

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