Arete Executive Panel Discussion with Ian Sampson, Michael James and Natasha Howie

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Mar 12
Arete Executive Panel Discussion with Ian Sampson, Michael James and Natasha Howie EOA Social

In this episode I’m joined by three company directors, each with a unique outlook on the past, present and future of business.

My three guest speakers are Ian Sampson, Michael James and Natasha Howie. Ian is an executive and non-executive director and chairman of several companies, advising senior leaders on complex issues. Michael is a company director and business advisor, working mostly with SMEs to grow their businesses and create a high performing culture. Similarly, Natasha is director of Ascend Media Australia and a marketing consultant specialist, and works primarily with people in the SME space in Brisbane.

We chat about everything from business culture and brand identity to leadership, artificial intelligence and even Lime electric scooters.

In this episode: 

  • An introduction to each speaker and their role
  • Natasha’s work with clients on ‘micro moments’
  • A definition of micro moments - what people are doing when they’re online and how that changes the customer’s decision making
  • Michael’s work with his clients - focusing more on business succession and how that can mean losing sight of opportunities for micro or macro moments for customers
  • Looking at brand identity and understanding that it all starts from the soul of the leadership team
  • The challenge with professional services
  • Customer design - a huge issues that has come out of the Royal Commission into the finance and banking industry
  • Michael’s views on the SME world and its lack of empathy towards client’s needs
  • How the not-for-profit industry is changing - NDIS and pressure to amalgamate from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)
  • The Australian government’s pullback on funding is another huge change for the not-for-profit world
  • Artificial intelligence and how it ties in with micro moments
  • What does the workforce of the future look like?
  • The future workforce needs ‘soft skills’
  • Having your own personal network of trusted professionals instead of relying on your employer’s network is key
  • Michael’s work helping large corporations get back to basics
  • Employee engagement is a reflection of culture
  • Michael’s view that the best surrogate for culture is measuring leadership impact
  • Risk management in a world where we don’t tolerate mistakes
  • People are victims of the pay cheque in larger corporations so cultures are bypassed
  • Board’s struggle with investing in the dynamic to make better decisions
  • What Ian thinks the Royal Commission has got wrong
  • Where are people looking for their fulfillment? Part-time job or hobbies etc.
  • Understanding cultures through the perspective of Greek gods
  • How to be an effective director
  • The opportunity for innovation thanks to artificial intelligence
  • The importance of making real human connections rather than fake, online connections through social media and other technology
  • A look at Lime electric scooters - the business model and whether they’re actually any good
  • Innovations in business that excite the speakers
  • Two ways of looking at the world - through the lens of care and the lens of fear
  • What would it take for organisations to embrace love?
  • What are the five things corporates could learn from SMEs?
  • What does leadership mean to everyone?
  • If people can be better human beings rather than ‘human doings’, leadership will be better
  • Company Director magazine article about directors paying more attention to middle managers
  • The meaning of Sonder - being aware of the incidental people that make up our experience of life

“I love the concept of micro moments and the customer orientation that creates, but we often lose sight of opportunities to give micro or macro moments to our clients.” - Michael James #HeadhuntedShortlist #Customer #Business

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