Experts On Air Podcast Booking Agency Sign-On Sheet


​​​​​​If you’re here that means you’re ready to ramp things up and have us represent you to podcast hosts via the Experts On Air Podcast Booking Agency.

The service we will be delivering is as described here.

Investment and Terms
  • Your one-off agency set-up fee is $AU500 (+GST for Australian-based clients) and includes a professionally produced profile sheet which we will use to promote you. If you haven't been interviewed on The Business Connections Podcast already, we will also include an interview in the set-up fee.
  • Your per-episode booking fee will be $AU350/episode (+GST for Australian-based clients) billed by us on completion of your interview recording via your credit card on file. You will only be billed for bookings that you accept.
  • You can also elect at any time to prepurchase your bookings in bundles of ten at $AU3000 (+GST for Australian-based clients), saving you $AU500. These bundles have no expiry date..

These terms and conditions may be revised by us with a minimum of one month’s notice.  Should you wish to not continue under the revised terms and conditions, you may conclude the service without penalty.

Your future is in your hands. Let’s do this!

Experts On Air Booking Agency Registration