Experts On Air Podcasting for Profit Strategy Workshop and Bootcamp

Your podcast might be delivering great value to your listeners but how much value are you getting out of it?

If you had to justify why you are doing it to ‘your boss’, would it be easy for you to put up a case?

You know already that podcasts are great marketing tools but is yours as effective is it could be? Is it helping you generate more profits?

Join us for our upcoming Podcasting for Profit Half-Day Strategy Workshop or Two-Day Bootcamp where we’ll share with you the strategies, tools and techniques we use to help our six and seven-figure clients get maximum value from their podcast.

Podcasting for Profit Half-Day Workshop

Here’s some of what we’ll cover on the half-day workshop:
  • How to position yourself purposefully in your market
  • How NOT to be the best-kept secret in your industry
  • How to claim your space in the spotlight with humility and confidence
  • Finding the right platforms to repurpose your content on
  • The difference between content marketing and authority marketing (and why it matters)
  • The power of reputational credit to shorten your sales cycle nd attract clients willing to pay a premium for your services
  • How to make sure your never run out of ideas for your podcast or authority marketing plan
  • How to produce the right mix of content that attracts fresh traffic from Google week after week after week
  • How to leverage other people’s audiences to grow your own
  • How to bridge the gap and make it easy for listeners to become customers
  • How to make sure your business model and the podcast marketing efforts are aligned
  • How to transform your podcast into a cascade of content
  • The simple steps you can take to get maximum episodes recorded in the shortest amount of time
  • How to measure what matters with your podcasting efforts

This is a no holds barred intensive that will leave you with more strategy than you’ll know what to do with!

We’ll share the same techniques we’ve used to help our clients generate $22,000 sales off a 7-minute phone call and to manifest $100,000 in NEW business after just three months of working with us. They’ve also helped clients get a ten-fold increase organic traffic from Google in just 18 months, without SEO, and to almost double their email list every six months for two years.

Join us for the Podcasting for Profit Half-Day Strategy Workshop to turbo-charge your podcasting efforts.

And if you want to supercharge your efforts, join us for...

Podcasting for Profit Two-Day Bootcamp

This is for the serious at heart. Those that are ready to implement and want to take advantage of some over-the-shoulder coaching and mentoring from those working in the podcasting space every day.

We’ll start with the half-day workshop above, then straight after lunch we’ll roll our sleeves up and implement.

We’ll help you refine your strategy, then walk you through step-by-step to put your strategy into action. You’ll walk away with:
  • A Full 6-month content calendar
  • Your production schedule locked down
  • Laser like focus on your ideal listener, and the path they need to take to become your ideal client
  • Your marketing and nurture funnel mapped out and ready to build
  • A follow up nurture email sequence drafted and ready for spit and polish
  • Fully drafted or revised intros, outros, bios and descriptions for your podcast collateral

We’ll break up the boot camp format with hot seat coaching so you can get advice and opportunities tailored to your situation.


Melanie Colling Facilitator

Melanie Colling is a collaboration expert, passionate about helping fellow business leaders and experts succeed by helping them to accelerate their businesses to the next level through collaboration to become in demand industry leaders.

Melanie Colling

Brett Jarman Facilitator

Brett Jarman is the CEO & Founder of Help Me Leverage, Executive Producer of the Experts on Air Podcast Network, & Author of the non-bestselling book, Soul Operator - How to Be Your Own Boss and Build a Business With Purpose. 

Brett Jarman

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Does the Podcasting for Profit Workshop and Bootcamp teach how to generate sponsorship or advertising revenue?

 No, both events are all about using podcasts to build your brand and your business, about making you more visible and more valuable in your market 

I don’t have a podcast yet. Is the workshop or bootcamp still suitable for me?

 Yes. The material we’ll cover will still apply if your podcast isn’t launched. In fact you may be at an advantage :-). 

Will there be refreshments?

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided and we’ll have a one hour lunch break on both days so you can either bring your own or find somewhere nearby to find lunch. And if you want real coffee, that is available to purchase at the venue. 

How do I get there?

Tram: ​Routes 11, 35, 48, 70, 75
Train: ​Take any train to Southern Cross Station
Car: Turn right at the very end of Bourke St into Victoria Harbour Promenade.
Parking: Parking is available in the street & is free after 6.30pm.