Podcast Guest Booking Agency

Being A Podcast Guest Has Great Benefits…

  • Grow your reputation
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Leverage other people’s networks
  • Get more leads for your business
  • Generate public speaking opportunities
  • Be seen and heard as a thought leader
  • Build relationships with leaders in your field
  • Create fresh content marketing collateral

Getting booked as a guest on someone else’s podcast is an ideal way to build your brand, spread your message and get more leads. You get to leverage other people’s audiences and build your reputation, simply by talking about what you know best.

But it takes work. First you have to research your market to identify the ideal podcasts for you to be on. Then you need to find out who the hosts or producers are.

Then you have to approach the host or producer with just the right pitch to pique their interest and to stand out from all the other pitches they get on daily basis.(Which can be a bit awkward if you’re a little shy or don’t want to ‘big note’ yourself). Then you play the waiting game, cross your fingers that they’ll reply, follow up, and so on.

All of this takes time and can be a bit hit and miss. And even if you are successful, you have to repeat the whole process on a consistent basis to get a regular flow of interview opportunities. But there is an easier way...

Professional Representation By A Podcast Booking Agent

Let Us Build The Connections For You

Just as being a guest on someone else’s podcast positions you as an expert to their audience, having an agent representing you positions you as a more highly valued expert to the host.

This makes you stand out from other interview requests and:

"Having an agent represent you positions you as a more highly valued expert  to the podcast host."
Experts On Air
  • Saves you valuable time you could be using to generate more income
  • Gets more exposure for your brand and your message
  • Builds your reputation with the people that matter to you
  • Leverages other people’s audiences
  • Puts you on the field in the fastest growing media and marketing trend worldwide
  • Builds inbound links to your website
  • Creates connections with hosts who may be potential clients
  • Builds a permanent presence with your name and across multiple platforms

The Experts On Air Podcast Booking Agency Process is Simple

To start we’ll need you to submit an expression of interest via the form below for us to represent you as a podcast guest of interest. Once we’ve reviewed your application we’ll conduct an initial interview to confirm suitability and agree on a level of service.

Then we’ll move to the onboarding stage where we’ll dig a little deeper and determine an initial hit list of podcast hosts to approach. After that we’ll create a one page Expert Profile which we’ll use to pitch you to potential hosts. Once done we’re ready for action...

Podcast Booking Agency Process Chart
  • STEP 1

We approach potential hosts and coordinate your guest interview

  • STEP 2

You do the interview

  • STEP 3

We follow up with host after interview for feedback and to check on publication dates

  • STEP 4

We provide you with social media collateral for you to promote your guest appearance prior to and following the episode broadcast. (Depending on your level of service with us, we’ll even post the collateral for you).

  • STEP 5

We provide you with a recording of the episode for you to use on your website or for promotional purposes (subject to host approval)

All you have to do is the interview.
We do the rest.

Leverage The Podcast Revolution - Even If You Don't Have A Podcast

Leveraging other podcasts is an ideal way to spread your message with minimal effort, and it’s an ideal stepping stone to creating your own podcast. Whether you do each option by yourself or use Experts On Air, the workload is considerably less as a guest but with the added benefit of more widespread exposure. 

CLICK HERE TO Compare the workload of being a Podcast Guest vs Hosting Your Own Podcast.

Professional Podcast Agency representation is ideal for:

  • Experts in all fields
  • Authors
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Thought Leaders
  • Authorities

We currently have limited opportunities for experts seeking representation. Just submit your details on the form below and we’ll get back to you once your expression of interest has been reviewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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