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Private Practice Made Perfect with Cathy Love

Dec 17
Podcasting - The New Blog For Allied Health Professionals EOA

Have you ever wondered if maybe you should start a podcast for your allied health business? Or how difficult it might be to get set up and running with a podcast of your own?

In this episode, I talk about podcasting, pull it apart, and demystify it a little bit. I’ll walk you through the main reasons why you should (probably) start a podcast and the steps to get started (because it’s actually not as hard as it sounds!).  

In this episode: 

  • Why start a podcast

  • Why podcasting is the new blog

  • The benefits of podcasting for time-poor clients

  • Why podcasting is a great marketing tool

  • Simple steps to get started with your podcast

  • Figuring out the purpose of your podcast

  • Knowing your listener

  • My process to brainstorm ideas and plan out content

  • Why you should hone in on a micro-topic for each episode

  • The ideal length for your podcast episodes

  • Recommended styles, formats, and approaches for your podcast

  • The tech I use to record my podcast

  • What to say in your intro and outro

  • What you need to know about editing and publishing your podcast

  • Common excuses and objections to starting a podcast

If you’re looking for an effective way to engage and educate your potential clients, I believe podcasting is the way to go. #PrivatePracticeMadePerfect #Nacre #AlliedHealth

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