Adventures of a Travelling Propertypreneur BC

Adventures of a Travelling Propertypreneur

We continue our chat with propertypreneur Kyron Gosse (see here for part one). In this episode Kyron elaborates on his travel adventures and helps us look beyond the usual means of investing in property.He includes some tips for property investors and points out that your strategy is really dependent on what you hope to get out […]

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Is Property Investment Your Path to Increased Wealth EOA

Is Property Investment Your Path to Increased Wealth?

Meet Kyron Gosse, a young property investor, from New Zealand but now living and travelling around the world. Kyron is a Star profile and in Part 1 of our discussion with him he explains how he went from being a chef on an oil rig to a ‘propertypreneur.’ Is property investment your path to increased wealth? […]

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What is leverage

What is Leverage? with Roger Hamilton (Part 3)

“Leverage is about taking whatever value you have and being able to either multiple of magnify it.” This episode wraps up Roger Hamilton’s explanation of The Wealth Equation with a journey into leverage. There are two ways to leverage your value and the way that suits someone else might not suit you. Each one requires […]

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Can you convert your value to wealth Roger Hamilton explains on The Business Connections Podcast

Can You Convert Your Value to Wealth? Roger Hamilton explains…

“Value is what creates attraction in a world of human interactions.” Find out how value contributes to wealth, wealth creation and wealth retention. In this episode Roger Hamilton expands on the Wealth Equation and discusses both the role and meaning of ‘value.’ Too many of us try to get a return, try to ‘sell’ something, […]

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