How To Reach The Right People With Your Authority Marketing Efforts

Welcome aboard the Authority Elevator once again. Are you ready to take things to the next level?. We're taking things to the next level in kind of a literal sense today in that so far on the podcast we've talked about the what and the why of authority mapping. What is authority marketing? Why would you do it? Now we're getting into the boots on the ground, the how you actually do authority marketing. It's going to take us several episodes to work through this because we break it down into phases. So we have four phases in our process.

Where we're going to focus today is how to reach the right people with the authority marketing efforts. Now what do we mean by that? Well, it's pretty straight forward. If you're in business, the people that you really want to be targeting are your clients, your potential clients. Those are the right people.

In this episode: 

  • The four phases of authority marketing
        1. Preparation
        2. Production
        3. Publishing
        4. Promotion 
  • Why phase 4 (promotion) is key to your authority marketing and what you’re doing wrong
  • How to create your client avatar and the importance of this for your authority marketing
  • Is specificity and niche important in your business?
  • What does a general practitioner have to do with authority marketing?
  • How you can increase your value with your authority marketing efforts
  • Why your current/future/potential clients questions will assist in your authority marketing efforts

How To Reach The Right People With Your Authority Marketing Efforts. Prepare, Produce, Publish, Promote #authoritymarketing #contentmarketing #leverage

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