Real Estate Has Never Been So Dynamic – Julie Davis and Neil Williams

Real Estate Has Never Been So Dynamic - Julie Davis and Neil Williams

Julie Davis and Neil Williams are the owners and operators of Agent Dynamics a real estate coaching business. Agent Dynamics uses a unique approach to their coaching and utilise Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profiling tools to help get the job done. They are both extremely passionate and are the perfect example of how tapping into your flow is a game changer.

Julie Davis and Neil Williams

Julie Davis and Neil Williams

This episode is insightful and intriguing no matter your industry. They give some great tips on recruitment and retention and how important authenticity is. Whether you’re an aspiring real estate agent, currently practicing real estate, own your own real estate business, are in the recruitment industry OR interested in gaining some insightful knowledge about playing to your strength then this episode is one to tune in to. Listen below. If you have any questions let us know in the comments below.

Real Estate Has Never Been So Dynamic. Julie Davis & Neil Williams @agentdynamics on Biz Connections Podcast

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In this episode:

  • 7-10 yrs ago wealth dynamics profile test, game changer, good distinctions of where you should focus efforts on

  • Julie discusses how she no longer felt like a failure after completing the Wealth Dynamics test because she realised she can’t do and be everything and how keeping in flow has changed the way she does business

  • Neil discusses his resistance in the beginning to Julie’s new proposition

  • Agent Dynamics uses The Wealth Dynamics profiles not to put you in a box but to liberate you

  • How Neil and Julie split their roles and how it really is the perfect partnership

  • Neil uses an analogy about cricket to explain the importance of hiring diversity within your team

  • Julie discusses why retention in the real estate industry is poor and likens it to a revolving door. She adds tips on how to improve that retention and the hiring process in general. These tips are universal and can be applied to many industries, not just real estate.

  • The 2 elements of recruitment that Agent Dynamics employ

  • How Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics really gave their business a point of difference

  • What Agent Dynamics Strategy Days consist of

  • What's more important: competency or the right profile?

  • The career path in real estate and the reality of this.

  • How there is a gap in leadership within the industry as people make the jump from salesperson to business owner

  • The importance of nurturing your clients, stop thinking of them as a sale and start thinking of them as a client.

  • How their business has grown due to referrals

  • Agent Dynamics long term vision and their why is to be the real estate industry standard

  • Neil and Julie delve into some case studies

  • Don’t ever do a Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics profile without a debrief - you could be one of three profiles, a debrief helps narrow that focus down

  • The importance of connections for Agent Dynamics and how they have formed their connections

  • The importance of authenticity

  • How you can tell someone's profile/energy by simply reading one of their emails

  • How mirroring communication types can be beneficial for both parties in terms of forming connections

  • The 10 year vision for agent dynamics

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