Restoring Productivity When You Are In A Slump

The Breathing Edge

Dec 30
Restoring Productivity When You Are In A Slump

We've done many episodes about using the breath to create energy, but what do you do when performance drops and you hit a slump or feel down in the dumps? It happens to all of us.

The brain gets foggy, motivation dips, we get bogged down with what’s going on in our head and start to let go of the physical rituals and habits that support us - movement, hydration, breathing, meditation - simply because we don’t ‘feel like doing them’.

So we wait until we ‘feel better’ before we pick them up again. But if we do things the other way around and lead with the physical, reaching peak performance again and staying there doesn't have to be difficult.

Episode highlights

  • The breakdown of your cells - being dehydrated and stiff

  • Angie’s personal experiences with dropping performance

  • Overlooking the simple things and ignoring your body’s needs - moving, stretching, hydration, meditation and breathing

  • A habit to practise - taking deep breaths and exhaling, letting it go to create space

  • Breathing as a procrastination buster - creating space to take action

When things start getting on top of you and your performance drops, the first thing to go out the window is self care. The thing you need to bring it back is... #BreatheMe #Productivity #Breathing #Habits

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