Richard Nedov Interview – Building Trust And Transparency In Your Business Relationships

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Apr 16
Richard Nedov Interview - Building Trust And Transparency In Your Business Relationships EOA Social

Does trust in business need to be difficult?

In this episode, Richard Nedov shares his simple secrets to building successful relationships in business, based on trust, transparency, and leadership commitment.

Richard is an experienced senior executive and director, with strong knowledge of the energy, renewables, and logistics industries, and a proven track record in business turnaround.

He is currently a non-executive director and leadership consultant. He also works with Indigenous Land Corporation and Indigenous Business Australia on their increased focus around commercialisation and producing greater benefits for the indigenous estate.

We worked with Richard on a leadership program a couple of years ago and saw first hand his ability to bring high level strategy down to a day-to-day operational level. He has now joined our team at People Leaders as a consultant and facilitator.

In this episode:

  • Richard’s role in People Leaders
  • The work Richard does with the Indigenous Land Corporation and Indigenous Business Australia - focusing on commercialisation and benefitting the Indigenous estate
  • Richard’s mantra - to keep things simple
  • Insights into what Richard thinks makes a successful alliance and joint venture
  • One of the hardest things in business is for people to trust
  • Trust starts from the top with leadership
  • Richard’s approach to building relationships - trust and transparency
  • A story about handling difficult relationships
  • Having the courage to ask for feedback
  • Building credibility to build trust
  • How to challenge and support your team
  • Richard’s approach to asking his team questions rather than provide answers
  • The importance of being approachable as a team leader but remembering there is a slight difference between you
  • One piece of advice for people who are moving into a leadership position - ask yourself if it’s really want you want to do
  • How Richard keeps on top of his health and wellbeing - daily exercise

“With the right leadership - from the very top of organisations - you can start to build trust and be completely transparent.” - Richard Nedov #PeopleLeaders #Leadership #Business

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