Skills For Great Leadership with Leisa Molloy

Skills For Great Leadership with Leisa Molloy

Are you a leader? Would you call yourself that?

Perhaps you are a coach, a mentor, you have a podcast, a profile or a community and you find yourself in a leadership role.

The thing with business these days is that alot of us find ourselves in the role of a LEADER without necessarily ever setting out to be a LEADER

Sure some people are born to be leaders. But alot of you are ‘fell into’ leaders who turn around and go ‘ok how do I LEAD my clients, people, community effectively?

Because there is a HUGE difference between MANAGING people and LEADING people, leaders are next level humans who are able to have not just charisma and be able to talk well leaders need SKILLS to help move people from where they are to where they want to be or need to be.

So in this episode, I talk about Skills For Great Leadership with guest Leisa Molloy

Leisa is a registered, Masters-qualified workplace psychologist, facilitator, and consultant with over 17 years of experience in leadership development

This was just the BEST convo it’s a longer episode but WOW was it potent and incredible. So tune in to ALL of this and enjoy!