Social Serving. An Interview with Adam Houlahan

Social Serving. An Interview with Adam Houlahan EOA FB

On today’s episode, Adam Houlan shares his social media insight. Adam is the CEO of a digital marketing agency and International Keynote Speaker specialising in Social Media for business. Adam has written three books; The LinkedIn Playbook, Social Media Secret Sauceand a collaboration with about 30 other authors called Better Business, Better Life, Better World. He is a social media expert, with an emphasis in LinkedIn. He lives in Gold Coast, Queensland and is considered one of Australia’s leading experts in harnessing the power of LinkedIn for business.

Adam believes one of the biggest problems is the myth that you can go online and pitch out an offer and your ideal clients will just flock to you. It doesn’t work like that. Many people are pitching all the time; pitching product, pitching services and pitching themselves. Adam believes pitching is important but suggests spending more time on building relationships. People are on social media to be entertained or educated, not to buy. It’s about knowing how to appeal to people when they are ready to buy. Learn more about social media strategy, using social media as a business tool and how to optimise social media in this episode.

In this episode: 

  • Return on investment and social media
  • The biggest cost is time
  • All the work you do before determines the success
  • One successful campaign doesn’t equal a successful busines
  • Algorithms change, people’s habits change
  • Social serving
  • It can be months or years before you are able to see ROI
  • Tangible and intangible aspects of ROI
  • Business mistakes people are making on social media
  • What is an influencer?
  • Benefits of being an influencer

Social Serving. An Interview with @AdamHoulahan 

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