Stefan Sojka Interview – Creating Shared Value

Stefan Sojka Interview - Creating Shared Value Social

Stefan Sojka (pronounced Soyka) is the Creative Director at Cyrius Media Group, a digital media and marketing bespoke consulting agency. But this is only one of the businesses Stefan is involved in and/or influences.

He is on the board of the Epping Community Bank, a branch of the Bendigo Bank (the country’s 5th largest bank). And runs Thriving Community events bringing together leaders from all different organisations such as corporate or small business and non for profits, bringing people together to create opportunities to help each other.

Stefan is a serial connector and is always trying to find ways to connect people to create what he terms ‘shared value’.

He refers to shared value as expanding business to focus on non financial benefits. To create a win win for all in everything.

Stefan has a desire to make the world a better place. He is certainly demonstrating this and inspiring others to do the same.

Inspire others to get involved.

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His message to readers and listeners is:

  • Look to create a win-win for all in everything you do
  • Simplify and amplify
  • Start local as ‘Local multiplied millions of times becomes Global’
  • Inspire others to get involved

And his final message….How can you bring people together to help create opportunities for all?

At the Business Connections Podcast we are all about sharing stories that demonstrate the power of connection.

We thank Stefan for being generous with his time and sharing his story with us all. We wish Stefan all the very best with all his business and community endeavours!


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