Suzie Lightfoot Interview – Shining The Light On Professional Women

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Jan 22
Suzie Lightfoot Interview - Shining The Light On Professional Women EOA

This episode I chat to Suzie Lightfoot about the ongoing struggles for women as executives and the importance of knowing who you are, what you want and how to articulate that.

She’s had quite the career, moving from her days as a gymnast and an elite diver competing for Australia, to modelling, being a brand ambassador, presenter and now brand mentor and female champion.

After working as a single parent to send her daughter to private school, Suzie decided to quit her job at 50 and says she had no idea what she was doing. It was later she realised her strength lies with personal branding and found her groove helping other professional women do the same.

Suzie works with predominantly women, but does have some male clients. The majority are successful in their industry but lack the know-how when it comes to elevating themselves. She works to take them to the next level and find the confidence they need to do what they want in life.

She has big plans to take her motivational speaking and branding expertise global as well as hold her own conferences to help women take back control.

In this episode: 

  • Suzie’s recent trip to Milan, Italy

  • Fashion for men vs women

  • Suzie’s niche - working with professional women to help them find their confidence as leaders

  • The ongoing male vs female leadership struggle

  • Do women hold themselves back?

  • House Of Cards TV Show - looking at the female character and how it reflects the current environment

  • Leading with kindness - more people need to champion female leaders

  • #MeToo Movement - Suzie’s thoughts and personal experience

  • Suzie’s background - family, education, sports careers, the fashion world, modelling and presenting

  • How Suzie works with women to learn techniques, build experience and get ahead

  • Coaching high performance women through the challenges

  • Barriers around the older generation and women in male-dominated industries

  • Suzie’s personal challenges and how she powered through - quitting her job at 50

  • Mentors and books that helped Suzie get out of her career rut - “Kick But!” by Rosie Pekar

  • What Suzie’s sees for her future - holding conferences to motivate professional women, do more online, become a keynote speaker on the global stage

  • Free consultations and brand strength test

You can’t necessarily change the circumstance, but you can change your choices and the way you react to difficult situations. @suzie_lightfoot #Leadership #PersonalBrand

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