Syncing the Mind-Body System

The Breathing Edge

Aug 09
Syncing the Mind-Body System

Syncing the mind-body system is a core element of everything we do at Breathe Me and here on The Breathing Edge podcast. In this post and podcast episode, you’ll find out what syncing the mind-body system is, and even how it plays a role in creating self-confidence and eliminating self-doubt.

Eastern philosophy divides the mind and body into the chakra system, which identifies seven to twelve areas or zones within the body. We like to keep things simple though, so we focus only on the most crucial elements, the head, the heart and the gut.

In this episode: 

  • Its claimed gut contains an actual brain, roughly the size of a cat’s brain, while the heart contains cells that are the same type of cells found in the ‘normal’ brain.
  • How the brains, the mind and the body tie together.The vagus nerve is a key component of this connection.
  • When you recognise and become aware of these other brain resources in the body, you start to understand what involvement they have in syncing your entire body-mind system.
  • Visualisation and Breathing to Sync the Mind-Body
  • Increasing Energy in the Mind-Body

Syncing the Mind-Body System

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