The Entrepreneur Way – Helping Small Businesses Innovate To Win With Eriks Celmins

Helping Small Businesses Innovate To Win With Eriks Celmins

Eriks Celmins is an Australasian award-winning radio programmer. He uses insights for a deeper understanding of the audience, and a winning market share. His creative content flair, combined with his analytical side, form a unique research perspective. Which he now presents to general business as The Engagement Method for innovation.

When business started difficulties overcame:

“Doing that wasn’t a difficult decision as such”

Best Advice to Other Entrepreneurs:

“Firstly and it might seem very basic but understand your market and particularly getting beyond your social circle which is where you naturally go. And Of course you can take some sale dings early on with where you are heading. But one of the big reasons for getting beyond that is I believe you have to have a clear point of difference that’s meaningful to you or potential customers because the world is so crowded now with a lot of me to offerings. As I said earlier you can come up with a very good basic offering but if you don’t have a point of difference it’s going to be very hard to market”

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