The Entrepreneur Way – How To Build A Rock-Solid Business with Julie Crockett

How To Build A Rock-Solid Business By Julie Crockett

Julie Crockett is a property investing expert and buyers agent helping Australians to create their own financial independence through investing in quality residential property, Australia wide. Her team use Artificial Intelligence technology to source properties, giving her clients, many of whom are women, the edge when it comes to achieving outstanding investment results.

When business started difficulties overcame:

“There are always difficulties when you go to start a business. And sometimes it’s really to do with the mindset and how to overcome those… One of the most difficult things is giving up full-time in. We like to be comfortable and we like to be assured of what our future might hold and when you are an entrepreneur of course none of that applies, you really are launching yourself into a bit of the unknown whilst you take every measure to research your business and the sector and everything else. A lot of it is unknown and certainly from a financial perspective that can be quite unknown as well”

Best Advice to Other Entrepreneurs:

“Do your homework and make sure that your idea is a viable idea… Get a good business coach or mentor who has already done what it is that you are wanting to do and to get that assistance along the way… Maintain a sense of humour at all times because you definitely need it. There will be great times in business and there will be probably some terrible times along the way. And if you think that’s not going to happen you need a reality check, it will happen at some point and it may happen at several points along your business journey”

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