The Entrepreneur Way – Scaling Up Without Stress With Andrew J Clark

Scaling Up Without Stress With Andrew J Clark

Andrew J Clark noticed something wrong with his industry. The expertise to do logistics really well was tied up in the heads of the staff and solution providers who only work for big business. This left smaller businesses unable to get the help they really needed to scale up their business.

When business started difficulties overcame:

“So many. I eased my way into business like I said when I was younger but really it was a pipe dream, I had no idea how to execute it. And essentially, I have gradually worked my way into business… Now I need to start a business and now I need to build a brand, now I need to know how to sell better and now I need to know how to market the business. So this whole range of other skill sets that you have to develop that I just simply didn’t have and has taken me a long time get better at that”

Best Advice to Other Entrepreneurs:

“Keep going and as Churchill says ‘when you are going through hell keep going’. So sometimes the journey really is really, really difficult and it can feel like hell and like nothing is working and you just need to keep going you can’t stop there is no Plan B you have just got to keep going”

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