The REAL Secret to Productivity

The Breathing Edge

Dec 21
The REAL Secret to Productivity

Everybody wants to be productive. The reasons why vary from wanting to be a more effective executive or entrepreneur, to being on top of your finances, to becoming a better parent, or to improve your relationships.

But is there a secret to productivity? Perhaps, but even the best plans, to-do lists and desires are useless unless you have the energy to implement them. 

Episode highlights

  • Making plans for the new year but being too tired to see them through - a common problem
  • Three different categories for your energy levels: 110% focus, 110% relaxation, and rapidly switching between the two
  • Is anxiety and tension because of today’s modern society blocking your productivity?
  • Why sleep isn’t enough to rejuvenate your body and mind
  • Our test programme revealed two types of people - ‘vending machine people’ and ‘ritual lovers’
  • Being able to switch from on to off is just as important as being able to switch your thinking on
  • Breathing exercises are the best way to switch between the states and manage your energy levels and therefore your productivity

Being productive comes down to managing your energy. If you want to go from ad hoc to mastery, breathing is the fastest, easiest and best tool to get you there. #BreatheMe #Energy #Productivity #PeakPerformance

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