Top 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Use Authority Marketing

Top 5 Reasons Why People Don't Use Authority Marketing EOA

There are plenty of people in business who aren’t engaged in authority marketing. You might be one of them. That’s what makes authority marketing work so well – the fact that not everyone’s doing it and those that do are getting the attention. So, what is it that prevents people from using authority marketing when all evidence suggests that it’s the best way to grow your reputation and value in the marketplace? We’ve uncovered the top 5 reasons most people use and if they resonate with you, learn how easy it is to overcome them. 

In this episode

  • We don’t like to blow our own trumpet
  • The truth is, authority marketing shouldn’t be all about you. The way to do it without it sounding like a brag is to frame your knowledge within the context of helping your customer.
  • Instead of having to sit down and write laborious posts, there are a number of ways you can speed up the process.
  • Though you may not have anything earth-shatteringly new to say, the thing is, you’re saying it now and differently to a new audience. And that’s what makes it unique.
  • You really don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just make sure you put your own spin on the topic and launch it onto the radar of those who need to hear it - regularly.
  • The key is to approach it as a long-term investment.

Authority marketing - it’s not about telling everyone how wonderful you are. It’s about showing them how useful you are. #authoritymarketing #contentmarketing #betheexpert #expertisesells #businesssuccess

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