Are You Unconsciously Rejecting Your Body?

The Breathing Edge

Nov 22
Are You Unconsciously Rejecting Your Body EOA Social

Today’s topic of discussion is something everyone can do, but most people aren’t even aware of: the unconscious rejection of your body.

It may sound strange, but we do have the ability to reject our own bodies, to some degree. When we’re disconnected, we become cranky and desensitised to our emotions and energy.

By using the breath, we can begin to reconnect with our body, the flow of our energy and get back in touch with our emotions. 

Episode highlights

  • The vagus nerve - our body’s way of telling us it’s unhappy
  • Signs of being disconnected
  • Using the breath to reconnect to your body
  • Our experience from breathing sessions at a festival in Bali
  • The mind-body connection
  • Our theory on why some people are more disconnected than others
  • Letting go so the energy can flow
  • Free meditation to try

“Many people are overwhelmed during breathing sessions when they feel their own energy and begin to reconnect with their body.” - Shane and Angelina Saunders #BreatheMe #Breathing

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