Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle: Getting Into Your Flow

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Jan 08
Getting into the flow of your menstrual cycles

Menstruation has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. The controversy in India over women of menstruating age being allowed to enter Hindu temples shows that menstruation is misunderstood and even looked down on by many. Considering it’s part of the very process that allows life to come forth, it’s time we became more open and accepting about it and more tolerant of women and the journey they go through.

Coincidentally (or not, depending on how you view such things), we recorded a podcast episode on menstruation before the news erupted of the protest in India...

Menstruation can be difficult for some women, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. There are ways to calm the storms of menstruation so it doesn’t take over your life each month.

We’re covering this because I (Angie) used to struggle each month. I was like Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde. I would be happy one minute and crying the next, and then angry and miserable, and then great again. My emotions were all over the place.

It’s the same for women all around the world - sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's not so good. We can all understand that. Getting in touch with your flow and being prepared ahead of your cycle is key to have a better experience.

Episode highlights

  • Angie’s past experiences with the ups and downs of her menstrual cycle

  • Learning from ancient cultures - how our periods have changed

  • Getting into your own flow to improve your monthly experience

  • Preparing ahead of your period - taking time out to get in touch with your flow, reassess and plan for better menstrual cycles

  • How women can encourage everyone to get in touch with their own flow

  • Being in sync with Mother Nature

Men have a monthly cycle too. When you can time your energy cycles with your partner, you’ll feel the benefits of being in flow with one another. #BreatheMe #Menstruation #Energy #Cycles

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