How To Create A Podcast-Driven Marketing Machine For Your
Consulting, Coaching or Expert-Based Business

Wednesday September 4th |  10.30 am AEST  |  12.30 pm NZT  |  5.30 pm PST (Tuesday Sept 3rd)

On this webinar with Brett Jarman you will learn:

  • Why a podcast is the best authority marketing option currently available for B2B experts
  • Why a podcast might be a good idea for your B2B business
  • Why a podcast might not be a good idea for your B2B business
  • The three biggest myths about podcasting that might have stopped you from starting your own
  • The 5 biggest mistakes people make with their B2B podcast and how to avoid them
  • How to leverage your time so you get maximum benefit from your podcast for minimal effort
  • How surprisingly simple the tech side of podcasting is
Brett Jarman

 Brett Jarman 

Brett Jarman is the CEO & Founder of Experts On Air & Help Me Leverage, the Co-founder of the Experts On Air Podcast Booking Agency. 

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