What it takes to be a 21x World Champion

What it takes to be a 21x World Champion

This week we give you all the tools you need to consistently perform your best. Our guest Sarah Taylor has truly been there and done it; transforming herself from an obese 40 year-old to a 21-time world-champion bodybuilder by the time she was 49. You’re now going to hear how Sarah applied the same mindset to become a champion in business as COO & CTO of one of Melbourne’s hottest startups.

See some of Sarah’s top tips below:

** Take a habit-based approach. Break everything down in your life and work out how to develop the little things. (11:30 - 12:30)

** Those who achieve the best results are those who are motivated by something inside. Trophies and adulation shouldn’t be the main focus. (13:20 - 13:50)

** Have food that works for your current goal. It is fundamental to your productivity. (18:00 - 18:30)

** Set boundaries. Be brave enough to train the people around you by sticking to your plan. (20:10 - 20:30)

** Make sure your business is running in a regular cycle. If you review your work regularly you won’t veer off course. (24:30 - 25:30)

** Create space for your health! When things get really tough you should focus even more on yourself. (42:00 - 43:00)

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

** How Sarah used the discipline from bodybuilding in the business world

** What ‘mental toughness’ really means

** How Sarah manages to have a full-time job and coach on the side

** The power of planning and routine

** Sarah’s optimum KPI review cycles

** The benefits of the Agile methodology

** Servant leadership explained