Working Together To Build A Better Allied Health Business

Private Practice Made Perfect with Cathy Love

Jan 21
Working Together To Build A Better Allied Health Business EOA

Allied health business owners invest a lot of time and money into their craft and their technical skillset, but tend not to invest the same energy into the business and team management side of things.

Running an allied health business can be lonely and isolating and emotionally and mentally draining. Sticking together to help each other get the most from our private practices is the way to go.

In this episode I chat about getting the right business advice, my Business Advantage Membership program, and what I think you need to do to ensure a successful allied health business.

In this episode: 

  • Investing time and money into technical skills vs management skills

  • What allied health business owners have told me they find difficult

  • Asking for business advice - is it too general for the allied health sector?

  • Developing a needs-based resource specifically for allied health business owners

  • My Business Advantage Membership program - what it can do for you and your team

  • Program feedback - building a better resource for you

  • My business tips - business development time, a business plan and asking for support

“The business of delivering allied health outcomes to our customers is very specific and nuanced, especially with the all the rules and regulations we have to comply with.” #AlliedHealth #Business #NDIS

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