Workplace Conflict Resolution with Catherine Gillespie

Workplace Conflict Resolution

In this episode, Conflict Resolution Specialist Catherine Gillespie talks about how we, as business owners, can help resolve conflicts at work and the things we need to do to ensure harmony in the workplace. She also touches on how we can improve our feedback systems so that people can be better prepared to give and receive feedback.

Catherine goes through all the details that go into resolving conflicts and also talks about the different types of conflicts she has seen throughout her career (and how we can manage them).

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Catherine’s Background and Defining Conflict Resolution
  • [0:00:50.1]  How Catherine became a conflict resolution specialist
  • [0:04:50.5]  What is ‘conflict resolution’?
Dealing with Workplace Conflicts for Team Leaders/Business Owners
  • [0:05:59.6]  How do we manage workplace conflicts?
  • [0:08:03.1]  Common mistakes leaders make when dealing with disagreements in the workplace
  • [0:10:07.2]  Types of conflicts in a small workplace versus a large workplace
  • [0:12:02.4]  Comparing ways to resolve conflict: Sports Setting vs. Corporate Setting
Working with a Conflict Resolution Expert
  • [0:13:33.2]  Why you should build professional rapport with your staff and how it helps in resolving future issues
  • [0:15:23.8]  When should you call in a conflict resolution expert?
How to Achieve Workplace Harmony
  • [0:22:29.3]  What is ‘workplace harmony’?
  • [0:27:19.0]  Tips to cultivate harmony in the workplace
  • [0:27:38.7]  The right way to give and receive feedback
  • [0:28:44.9]  How to mediate if you can’t meet with your team members physically
  • [0:31:45.1]  Conflict resolution models: Peer-to-Peer vs. Top-Down Approach
  • [0:33:27.4]  Setting up structures and policies for a more peaceful workplace
  • [0:35:02.0]  Get in touch with Catherine!

“We could really get more value out of our staff and colleagues if we show interest in them.”

“Workplace harmony is a culture in which we can have robust and frank – but constructive – discussions with each person.”