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Jon Hollenberg XRM interview

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Jon Hollenberg is the Founder of Five by Five, a web design company operating out of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

He has worked with more than 500 Australian and international companies including the likes of Porsche, Qantas, Jetstar, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge.

In addition to growing a team of some 20 plus employees who build great looking and high performing websites, Jon is also an accomplished speaker and has presented at many seminars throughout Australia. He has also written a book titled “Love at First Site” where he lays out a strategy for working with the right people to build a stylish and functional website.

During this chat, we covered:

  • why it’s often extremely hard to get a great website built
  • website strategies and budgets
  • making it easy for Google to find you online
  • why he wrote his book and how he uses it to help build his company
  • ideas for creating great content
  • one of the ways he gets a steady stream of referrals and new clients, and
  • why he recommends beginning your day with a cold shower

To learn more about Jon, his work and to buy his book, head to fivebyfive.com.au.

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Enjoy Trench Talk Episode #051 with Jon Hollenberg…