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Apr 10
Your Leadership Playbook Social

When we think of a playbook, we think of a strategy or plan used in a team sport. In this podcast, we're talking about how you can create your own personal playbook. It's a useful tool that helps purposeful leaders focus their efforts when they’re going into or have come out of a project or task. It prompts you to address the who, what, where, when and how of your development. 

In this episode

  • The importance of knowing your top three priorities
  • It’s useful to know what your manager's top three priorities are and if you don’t, then why not have the conversation in your one-on-one catch-up?
  • What are the projects you know you need to deliver and what are you doing about them?
  • The trick to measurement is to agree what the measure is and then to be consistent about the tool you're using to measure it.
  • Isolate one of your personality strengths and think about how you could use it more often and more consciously. For example, if you’re a ‘connector’, who are you connecting with and who are you connecting together?
  • Take the path of least resistance

Personal Playbooks for Purposeful People Leaders

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